(The trouble with network outages is that you get three blog posts queued up and you can't publish them.  Even your email vanishes into the void.)

Has ever a pair of three inch tall hand-knit mini-socks travelled as far as these?

Mini sock.

Starting in St Louis, they've been to Ohio, Kentucky, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and now they're off to goodness knows where!  2295 miles in nearly four months, I'm impressed.  Every hop has been a big out-of-state journey.  The big question is what do I knit for my next two travel bugs?

(The short explanation of geocaching, for Sehlat's mother:

Caches are hidden all over the world by friendly geocachers, who put a log book and some trinkets in them.  They usually get permission to hide the cache, it's never on private land and never buried underground.  The GPS coordinates of the cache are uploaded to the geocaching website.  Other people find the cache from the coordinates using a handheld GPS device, which can be harder than you think, and a lot of fun.  When you find a cache, you sign the logbook, take something from the cache, and leave a trinket of your own.  Travel bugs are trinkets with serial numbers, travelling from cache to cache, logged at each stop.  Many of them have goals, such as to visit the Moon, all five continents, or lots of beaches.  Others just want to travel.)

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