Merry Christmas!

The house is firmly undecorated, apart from the piece of ribbon the cats nabbed from my homegroup gift swap present.  There is no tinsel, no tree, and yet the sound of Christmas carols is in the air.  Hubby's preaching on Boxing Day (26th December) at an old people's home, and I'm playing three carols for them on the flute.  Normally it's just two singers and the piano, an amazing piece of machinery that plays on its own.  Insert floppy disc and presto, piano accompaniment, complete with spooky keys-moving-by-themselves action.

The piano plays jolly fast and one of the songs is "What Child Is This," also known as Greensleeves.  Playing as the music is written requires a musical workout for one finger never seen since high school as it jumps between four buttons to complete C sharp, B below middle C, C natural, and D sharp in rapid succession.  Normal flutes don't even have that low B, mine is one button longer to accommodate it.  The alternative to this is to go up an octave, which is far easier to play, but may provoke a chorus of hearing-aid squeaks from the audience.  I think I'll let the singers decide, they'll have to stand next to me after all.

Have a great Christmas, stay offline, and be happy!

Update 26th Dec:

I am now drafted to play on future Sundays when Hubby is preaching.  Went with the higher octave.  It was a good service, sermon was liked, music was liked, old people smiled.  Record attendance too!

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