Mathematical progression

I really do knit, but I'm ripping a lot out right now.  I don't subscribe to the "trotting horse" school of dealing with errors (if you couldn't spot it from a trotting horse, leave it be).  My horse would be the one that screeches to a halt, throws the rider, and stares fixedly at the mistake until everyone spots it.  And then eats the knitting.

I lost six repeats of the Flutter scarf fixing a dropped yarnover.  I'd already fixed it, but the fix looked bad and I couldn't live with it.  Then the heel of Heather's Christmas socks suffered multiple traumas, one of which was not my fault.  The generic toe-up, slip-st heel formula (PDF link) said the heel would take three inches of sock, and it only took two and a half.

Both are past the worst now but look the same as before, just a bit longer.  Flutter is almost at the part of the pattern where you start ruffling, and Heather's sock has reached the "knit until you run out of yarn" part after 12 repeats of Monkey lace.  12 repeats of an 11 row pattern at 64 stitches per round = 8448 stitches, plus heel, toe, and cuff.  I need at least 5 more repeats, which will be another 3520 stitches, totalling 11968 pattern stitches.  Flutter is at 49 repeats, 4 rows per repeat on 55 stitches, or 10780 stitches.  Maybe I have been productive after all.

I'm thinking of putting a label on Heather's Christmas socks saying "Each sock in this pair is made up of over twelve thousand individual stitches.  Please take good care of all of them." and including the washing instructions.  I know she will take care of them, but that's a nicely mind-boggling number.

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