Master hand knitter?

I'm thinking about the Knitting Guild


Master Hand Knitter program.  There are three levels, I think I could manage level one for sure.  Found some tips from

someone who grades the entries, and there's a Yahoo group too.

Here's what's required for level one:

Level one: Advanced Beginner

Sixteen samples are required to complete this level: three swatches each of ribbing and basic stitches and gauge, increases, decreases, yarn overs and cables.  Fourteen questions and one report on blocking also required.

That looks doable.  Swatches, questions, and a report.  The swatches should be in light coloured, worsted weight yarn.  The other levels are harder, a vest and an argyle sock is required for level two (only one sock, not a pair), and level three looks difficult, it requires creating your own stitch pattern.  But I couldn't start the program with the Eternal Sweater still waiting, so it would have to wait for a while.  You just couldn't be a master hand knitter with a ten-year-old project still not completed!

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