Impending sheep fest

Three firsts in one weekend: first solo plane trip, first visit to Maryland, and first Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!  My best friend Rox moved out to Maryland in September and neither of us have been to a fibre festival before.  Both of us are knitters and spinners (although that's my fault for teaching her).

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

The Yarn Harlot has some excellent festival survival tips and Hubby has been encouraging me to get more boxes for post-festival yarn and fibre storage.  Right now I have one file box of yarn in a yarn-and-shirt closet, and another box for fibre in a different room with Chorlton, my spinning wheel.

When we get there, I want to eat lamb burgers and find one excellent spindle.  And possibly some fibre to go with it.  And maybe a little yarn.  Are there any must-see vendors?

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