Loose threads

I have a misbehaving plot bunny.  It arrived all enthusiastic with a NaNoWriMo 2008 t-shirt on, and now it's just loafing around and not contributing to anything.  I have a great bad guy with a cool back story and an actor lined up to play him (David Anders from Heroes), but my main character is all blah.  I need a morning in a coffee shop with my notebook (the paper kind, not the MacBook kind) and a caramel latte to pin this one down.  It's about time travel, and time travel stories usually irritate me to read, let alone write.  I want this story to align with what I believe is possible about time travel, and I'm picky.

We went to a test drive event at the weekend with 17 car lines to play with.  I drove a Saturn Vue Hybrid (virtuous but bland), Hubby took out a Mustang (nice growly engine but cramped inside), and we both drove the gorgeous Mazda RX-8 (rotary engine LOVE!).  Also sat in a honking great GMC quad cab truck (WAY too big for me to drive), and a Smart Car ForTwo (horrible).  Got in my Mazda3 on Monday morning marvelling at the copious legroom, the capacious cargo space, and the great acceleration. I am driving exactly the right car.  But if someone wants to give me a Mazda RX-8, I'd like it in red, thanks!

The Post-NaNo writing group has one last meeting before November's novel writing madness, and my story is four scenes short.  I know exactly what goes in those scenes and I like the story, it just needs the actual writing, which is the least fun part of being a writer.  The most fun part is having written the thing and thinking "Good, that's done, I don't have to do that again" which lasts all of five minutes until the next idea pounces on you and demands a story to play in, or a new scene, or a whole new character and a completely different direction.

My current spinning is not inspiring me.  The hand-carded Polwarth and the pin-drafted Cormo will become Navajo-plied mini-skeins to make way for something else on the wheel.  Probably the Gales Art black BFL I got from The Loopy Ewe.  The huge fibre box in the back bedroom is alarmingly full; I need to spin from the fibre stash for about a year to clear space.  I also need to get a tetanus shot because it's been at least a decade and my flick-carder has sharp teeth.  I already stabbed myself in the thumb with it.

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