Locally made yarn

Thanks to a tip from Poppymom, I found the Clayton Farmer's market, selling plants, buffalo meat, cookies, honey, lamb meat, and locally made yarn.

Undyed rambouillet wool.

This is undyed Rambouillet yarn from M & K Ranch, who have a flock of around 200 sheep living less than a hundred miles from me, guarded by dogs and not fed on drugs.  It doesn't get any more natural than this.  The stall is at the market every other week, and also sells lamb meat, which makes me very happy.  The skein is 3.75oz and cost $11.25, it was shorn off the sheep, cleaned and spun, no other treatment.  There was also an adorable lamb-pelt teddy bear, dyed yarn in some good colours, and roving (please don't ever teach me to spin, I have enough hobbies as it is).  Karla (the K of M & K Ranch) offered to bring more yarn specially for me if I need it, and we chatted for a while.  If you're in St Louis, go down there and grab some yarn, it's good stuff.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with it.  Any suggestions? (Yes, I'm still working on Hubby's socks, one is nearly done.  His feet are a lot bigger than mine.)

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