Lift off in T Minus One

There is a midnight write-in tonight, which I will not be attending because I just can't do midnights.  But I will be up bright and early at 5:30am tomorrow to start my novel.  I'm sure Hubby will have already written 5000 words on his novel before I get up.  Daylight Savings Time ends tonight, giving us an extra hour to write novels.

Hubby's Word Count Widgets should be up and running, NaNo central has the code and it just needs to be dropped in place (a 66kb WAR file, Java source now residing on Google Code for safety and backup in a private project).

Got my NaNoWriMo prize picked out: if I win, I'll get the pattern for the Yarn Harlot's Pretty Thing lace cowl, and some cashmere yarn to make it.  Laura put me on to some cheap cashmere on eBay, yay for knitting friends who share secrets!  Hubby's victory incentive is in the mail and I'll hold it hostage till he hits the 50k mark.

I have an unexpected day off on Wednesday for a twice-postponed basement door install, and while I'll spend much of the day working on the house or cowering in terror at the install noises, I'm sure I can squeeze in some novelling around the edges.  Might even catch up to Hubby's lead from the midnight write-in!  He says I'm a machine, cranking out 2000 words a day without fail.

I know where my plot is going in broad strokes, I have a paragraph of outline for each 4200 words, plus extra for the four main sections and a file of background notes.  I feel more prepared now.  It's still a lot less than I'm used to, but my outlines have been getting smaller as I go through NaNo.

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