Life, the universe, and socks

Double-posting late at night: cheap.

Immediate comments from a friend: wonderful!

Phoning the friend and talking for the first time in too long: priceless!

Sea-mailed almost all the UK Christmas presents bar one yesterday.  Mr Bristow, yours will arrive ridiculously early because it got a plane ride instead of the four to six week cruise everything else got, so don't peek!  Got one lightweight parcel left to airmail when Dad's Good Ole Cable Scarf has eaten the rest of the second ball of yarn, and a trip to Sendit (formerly BlackStar) to deal with the last part.  Christmas part one is over.  Roll on Christmas part two: Revenge of the Elves.

Sehlat's socks are almost done!  Only four more rounds to go, a trip through the washer, and they'll be mailed out.


I finished the socks tonight!  A pair of hand knitted socks seems to be a great advertisement for knitting.

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