Life goes on

Over 180,000 houses are still without power in the St Louis area on Monday evening.  Really good seeing people in church helping each other out, doing laundry and offering places to stay in houses and apartments with AC.  Church had to move as the school we normally meet in was still without power, ended up in the office and training centre. Good practice for when we buy the building and move in.

The power outage finally drained my Photon II light on Friday after several years service.  One tiny screwdriver from an eyeglass repair kit, four screws and two CR016 batteries later it is super bright again. The manufacturer has good directions online for changing batteries.  Even without a power outage, this light gets a lot of use.

Working on cotton lace sock #2, heading for the heel.  I'm liking these more than I thought, the colours are cheerful, the yarn is soft, and I love the lace.  Being able to wear them before winter will be a plus.  The fit is good, but the heel feels different to what I'm used to.  Not bad, just different.

Got my orders from Spunky Eclectic (4oz "Walking on the Sun" merino, yellow, orange, and white) and Crown Mountain Farms (8oz "Wild Thing" superwash merino, orange, wine, and white, and 4oz almond-coloured llama).  What I don't have is a wheel to spin it on.  It's been ordered, I'm waiting, there will be pictures when it arrives...

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