Learning a sketching habit, day 14

I want to be someone that sketches on a regular basis. I have drawn something in my sketchbook every day for the last two weeks. Nothing is a masterpiece, but I've been experimenting with letter forms, faces that show emotions, lots of spirals, some cartoon roses and tulips, suns, squirrels, and it's been good.

For my experiment in forming a habit, I'm doing this:

  • I scheduled a time each day to sketch. First thing in the morning, after I write my 5 year diary and my gratitude diary (make it a routine).
  • No fancy Art required, spirals and circles are OK (make it so easy you can't NOT do it).
  • Mark an X on a visible calendar on the days I sketched (visible feedback on new habit).
  • Planning to keep this up through January (habits take 66 days to form).
  • Planning an art supplies shopping trip between Christmas and New Year, maybe getting some colours to play with (anticipation of future reward)

The stuff in brackets is advice I've read on James Clear's website and eBook on Habits.

I'm reading through Mike Rohdes The Sketchnote Handbook when I need inspiration. Next sources will be Danny Gregory's Art Before Breakfast, and Betty Edward's Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

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