Apparently Hubby has been in a class action lawsuit and never even knew it.  We got a check from Chase Manhattan for a whopping 86 cents.  It must have cost them more than that to print and mail it.  We still don't know what the lawsuit was actually about, the most information I could find was something to do with interest rates, and we rarely carry a balance on credit cards anyway.  Most odd.  Still, I'm going to deposit the thing anyway.

Deirbergs just called to "see if I was OK after my accident" with the glass bottle when I got my leg cut open on Friday 15th.  It probably would have been more accurate for her to say outright "are you planning to sue us?"  The answer would have been no, it's not like I was mortally wounded, and they took care of me with plasters and ointment goo, but it's odd to think that they would be concerned about it.  It is normal for people to sue for trivial injuries?  Far as I'm concerned it was a no-fault accident, the bottle leaped out of the bag under its own power and spilt pink froth everywhere.  If I'd needed stitches (actually, I probably should have got them for the big cut), or I couldn't drive or walk, then I would have been unhappy, but I barely felt it happen and it hasn't incapacitated me.  What's the big fuss?

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