Knitty and Picot

Knitting morning is tomorrow at Brentwood Borders cafe, 10-12, second Saturday of every month.  If you're in St Louis (and you're female), drop by!

Winter Knitty is up, with some very cute patterns.  I liked:

  • Norberta, a dragon.
  • Sheldon the turtle with a cute detachable shell, though the head is a tad oversized.
  • Twinkletoes slippers, which look like a good way to try Rowan Calmer.
  • Rolling Thunder socks look terrifying interesting, but I'd skip the beads.  Love the idea of a hemmed sock top.

Snagged Knitty's instructions for a picot bind


and tested it on the Rhubarb and Custard sock.  Started this one late Saturday night, and finished it on Friday, that's close to my sock speed record.  The bind off is loose enough to put the sock on, I'm declaring the experiment a success.

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