Knitting updates

There is a point in knitting a sock where you're not doing any shaping, or patterns, or anything interesting, and that point seems to go on forever.  Welcome to Sock Limbo, and no matter how hard you knit, you're stuck there.  For me it's the endless bit between heel and toe, especially when I'm looking forward to trying a toe I've never done before and I've got some yarn in the stash with a pattern all picked out, just waiting for me to finish this pair.  I think it's time to start on the  Fiber Trends Acorn hat.  Maybe some abandonment will get the sock to see sense.  Nephew Joshie will look very cute as an acorn and I have a VLI Intensive this weekend to knit through.

The Fiona drawstring bag is on hold because I got bored with all the purling and my existing purse hasn't fallen apart yet.  I still don't like circular needles and I'm

scared of lining the thing.  The Eternal Sweater is awaiting the start of the first

pattern repeat on the front.  I hear the tenth wedding anniversary approaching in one

year and thirteen days and I promised I'd have it finished for then.  I will, I promise!

Should be more than enough time to get it done.

Queued up afterwards are a bunch of stash-busting projects: a pair of Dublin Bay socks in my Regia Cotton blue and green variegated stuff, Mermaid socks in Fortissima Colori Cabana, and the Fiber Trends Pumpkin hat in Plymouth Sunsette.  Then there's the dream project which may be a Shapely Tank or a bpt or something else entirely.  I'll get to it when the Eternal Sweater is finished, and I'll buy the yarn for it then.

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