Knitting progress

I promised acorn hat and sock pictures after the big political post, so here they are:

Purple Comfort socks.

One of these things is not like the other.  I managed to do one sock with one less stitch than the other, but I cannot believe it would make this big a difference!  I used two balls of Magic Garden "Buttons" DK yarn, and these are the most smooshy, warm, and comfortable socks I own, New Zealand wool and nylon bits.  If I have a lousy day at work, I come home and put these socks on.  They are my comfort socks.  The colour is a deep royal purple with slubs of yellow, red, blue and green.  The pattern was Sherman Socks, and I would definitely make them again.

Joshie's acorn hat.

This is the Fiber Trends Acorn hat, made for my nephew Joshie from Paton's Canadiana.  Joshie's head will be less square than the model shown, and contain fewer tissues.  It looks more acorn-like in person, and I hope the little chap likes it.  I made the largest size, and it's stretchy too.

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