Knitting in progress

Made it over halfway (eleven repeats of twenty) on the trailing fuchsia scarf with  the first skein, I'll have enough yarn leftover from the second skein for a potholder  or a couple of coasters, but not for a matching hat.  One leaf is entirely pink and  purple, another is entirely orange, that tickles me.  Size 8 dpns is a nice change from sock knitting.

Finished the Opal Owl socks, I'm sticking with the toe-up heel flap construction for  now.  Picked up my first Etsy purchase, some Sunshine Yarn superwash in Welsh Green  Dragon, love the colour blend!  Different greens and a little grey mixed in, I think it'll look great knitted up.  It came promptly with a small sunshine badge attached.   The Lorna's Laces I ordered also arrived, got the yarn off eBay and it was not a good buying experience.  The Lorna's Laces yarn looks nice, tightly plied and soft, with gentle colours.  This is for Rox, who moved to Maryland last month, to be done after the sweater is complete.

New yarn and finished socks.

Now it's October, I want to alternate between the scarf and the front of the Eternal Sweater, then spend all November on the sweater.  The front is about half done, only that and a sleeve to go!  I'm really going to do it this year.  As an incentive, I'm looking for a cardigan pattern to knit for myself afterwards, and good yarn to make it from.  Girl From Auntie's Eris is a definite candidate (albeit scary), as are Chic Knits Twist (but with a modified collar) and Knitty's Bristow (minus the yarnover hole).  Raglan sleeves would be nice, and a little shaping would be good.  Do you have any other pattern suggestions? Have you made either of these two?

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