Knitting funk

The Forest Canopy shawl bit the dust.  The yarn is back in the box waiting for a new project.  Tried to start a lace scarf with some of my handspun and ran into problems (wooden needles that cracked, two different patterns that didn't look good) so that got ripped too.

It's knitting morning on Saturday, 10-12 at the cafe in Brentwood Borders.  I'll probably be working on the final sleeve of the Eternal Sweater or spinning more baby camel fuzz.  The Kundert spindle is really nice to work with, you can just slide the singles straight off when you're done.

Considering making MimKnits Seraphim Shawl, I like how the plain stocking stitch part fades into a frothy lace bit to finish.  An almost-solid Lorna's Laces sock yarn would do nicely.  This would be my first MimKnits pattern.

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