Jewellery and jobs

Went shopping for a tougher chain for the cross I gave Hubby for Valentine's.  Instead of going to the mall close by, I drove about 20 minutes out to Chesterfield and got there just as the woman was putting out the trays of jewellery.  Wandered off and waited, gave her about 15 minutes to finish, which was plenty.

We got talking, I found what I needed and she said "Do you want to join our jewellery club?"  Probably some kind of discount club.  I said no, I usually make my own jewellery.  Her eyes lit up and she showed me two bracelets that in my opinion weren't finished off very well. Nice design, shame about the execution.  Could you make anything like these she said.

So I'm pricing up a red stone bracelet for her, maybe a matching necklace.  She is going to talk to her brother in law, who is starting a company, and ask if he needs any programmers.  It would be so bizarre if I end up with a job out of this.

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