Jetlag + coffee = brainpower / 2

We're still getting the England pictures together, jet lag is waking me up far too early.  It's a little freaky to wake up with a cat staring at you.  I finished the Harvest Rock socks last night.  The socks are warm and comfy.  I'm hoping they get softer after the first wash.  The rest of the yarn is going into strip three of the leftovers blanket, but there's not much left.  325 yards of Socks That Rock is just enough for socks for me, and I have small feet.

Next project is a bowknot scarf for my father-in-law as a late birthday present, using doubled Paton's Kroy sock yarn in navy.  After that I have three pairs of socks to knit for various people.

Got two wonderful kits for Christmas from Hubby, Bittersweet mittens from Morehouse Farm, and the Cuddly Bear from Kpixie.  These will be intermittent projects once the Koigu neck scarf is done.  I knit some of it on the Houston to Gatwick flight, but knitting needles were banned from carry-on luggage on the flight back.

First knitting morning of 2006 this Saturday, ten till twelve in the Borders cafe on Brentwood.  If you're in St Louis, drop in and say hello! We're there the second Saturday of every month.

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