Jayne hat

Started the Jayne Cobb hat for Hubby to wear to the opening night of the Serenity movie on September 30th.

Jayne hat yarn and swatch.

I like the Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, the Carrot and Daffodil colours are perfect.  Unfortunately the Tomato I ordered with them was a little too radioactive red, so I got some Plymouth Galway at lunchtime to replace it.

It is highly unlikely the hat will appear in the movie, but anyone who's watched the Firefly series on DVD will recognise the hat.  The episode it appeared in (The Message) was never aired by Fox when the series was originally broadcast all higgledy piggledy out of order, but the Sci Fi channel is airing all episodes in order, they're showing the second episode this week.

If you've never seen Firefly, give it a chance.  The dialogue is sharp, the stories are excellent, the universe is plausible, it's really funny.  Sci-fi western in space.

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