Instant gratification

It is a rare thing that I get some yarn I wasn't planning to get and start using it straight away.   The purple bellamoden sport weight just sucked me in and it looks fantastic knitted up.  Cast on Friday and finished the first sock on Sunday, three days for one sock is a record! I had a slight maths-related error on Monday so sock #2 was (re)started on Tuesday.  It's past the heel now.  Love this yarn, it feels sturdy and warm, and soft and squishy.   Could have made the cuff longer, it looks like I'll have plenty left over.

Bellamoden socks.

I modified the International Sock Of Doom pattern from Sock Wars to add a hemmed top.  Hems are the perfect antidote to an overly tight cast-on edge  and feel wonderful.  That's my knitting notebook in the picture, for project notes, pattern modifications, and foot measurements for socks.

I'm looking for a new portable knitting bag.  It needs to hold a folded piece of 8.5x11 paper and be waterproof, so minimum size of 8.5x6 inches.  I have an insulated lunch bag right now and it's falling apart. Do you have any recommendations?

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