Harloted (verb)
To find your blog innundated by a vast army of knitters in response to a link from the Yarn Harlot.  (Similar to getting Slashdotted but by much nicer people.)  Effects include blog comments from total strangers and a feeling of bogglement that lasts at least 24 hours after the initial Harlot posting.

Finished Hubby's sock yesterday and cast on for the second one.  I'm a little sock-happy, need to start that lace scarf, or strip four of the leftovers blanket, especially now I have more leftover sock yarn.  I have another pair of socks planned, then I'll do a pair for myself, either the Kool-Aid socks or Opal Owl.

Thank you for all the suggestions about roving!  Wheel-spun the last of my dark Coopworth last night ready for plying on Saturday.  All I have at home to spin now is a chunk of the sheep-of-unknown-heritage from class.  Ordered some more roving from Copper Moose, Colonial Wool in Sugar Maple, which is a Corriedale and looks edible.  Found some pink silk online that looked a lot like candyfloss but I'm not going there.  I've heard it sticks to your teeth.

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