In our new house!

The phones aren't connected yet, and the DSL is off at the apartment, so we are wholly without internet access.  This will be posted when the dialup starts working.  Jed and Jen were our first visitors, apart from the guy changing all the locks.  Larry and Sarah are on their way over.  Hubby booked a U-Haul van for next weekend.  The oven is clean, kitchen surfaces are all cleaned, toilet roll, soap, and a towel in all two and a half bathrooms.  Hubby brought flowers too.

The closing went very smoothly, apart from the title company spelling my name wrong and having to reprint their documents.  I think we signed away rights to our DNA and derivative works somewhere in the pile of papers.  The lender, Tom Merriman of North American Savings Bank, was there, and our wonderful agent, Janis Miller of the Des Peres  office of Coldwell Banker.

It's a little disturbing to learn that our mortgage has been sold to another company before we'd even signed on the house, but NASB get one payment before we switch over.

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