Impending mail

I am expecting, either this week or next, the following mail, all with stories behind it.

  • Another skein of Socks That Rock yarn from The Fold
  • Four skeins and six balls of yarn, plus a pattern and some notecards from Knitpicks
  • Two books and a CD from Amazon

My Harvest Moon skein of Socks That Rock from The Fold had a knot join followed by an unusable, over twisted section in that had to be cut out. Given there's only 325 yds to start with, I wasn't too happy.  Managed to finish the socks, but I have quite small feet.  Toni from The Fold generously offered a refund or replacement, so a skein of green yarn is coming my way.  Kudos to Toni for excellent customer service!

The KnitPicks haul is for my sock knitting marathon.  Four skeins of Sock Landscape, two in New England Foliage for my mother-in-law, two in Yukon for my father-in-law.  Two balls of Essential in Dusk for Hubby.  Two balls of Simple Stripes in Storm for my mother.  A fingerless mittens pattern for me, notecards for fun, and two balls of Parade in Daffodil to make the free shipping threshold.  I'm looking forward to trying the new yarns, I like how the Simple Stripes turned out for my Vineyard socks, and they show no signs of wear in the eight months I've been wearing them.  I'm going to need another yarn storage box at this rate.

The Amazon order is a Christmas gift from my employer, a $50 gift certificate I split with Hubby.  I'm getting Flatland by Edwin Abbott, a book I have always meant to read, Doctor Who: The Stealers of Dreams (9th doctor hardback) by Steve Lyons, and a Derek Webb CD, "She must and shall go free."  Webb used to be part of Caedmon's Call, one of my favourite Christian bands, and has produced two solo albums.  This is his first album.  I thought about getting Flatterland, but decided to read the original first.  Flatland is an oddity, a mathematical novel written by an nineteenth century English vicar.

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