Houston, we have a problem

I had this nifty idea.  Knit a blanket out of all the leftover bits of yarn!  Then each time you see it, it will remind you of all the wonderful projects you've completed, it will be a piece of living history.  Nice idea.  I got this far with the leftover sock yarn, knitting it doubled:

The first blanket piece.

Then I did the maths.  Thirty inches long, five inches wide, that means I need at least six of these things.  I think I have a problem.

Let me introduce you to the yarn.  The red at the far left is Reynold's Swizzle sock yarn, from which I made my first ever pair of socks.  I royally messed up turning the heel and I don't care.  I still wear them with pride.  Next up is the leftovers from the KnitPicks Simple Stripes, which made the fastest pair of socks I have ever knitted thanks to the first Magic Loop experiment.  The wild variegated stuff is Regia Lampion, remnants of a pair of socks I made for Sarah when she moved back to Virginia.  Sarah comes back to St Louis today.  But here's the worst part, the blue on the far right.  This is not a leftover.  I bought this on my birthday last year thinking it would make a nice pair of socks, then changed my mind about the colour.  It became blanket-fodder.

My supply of machine-washable leftover sock yarn is now exhausted.  I'm going to finish the second strip with the blue, then hit the sport-weight leftovers and the antibacterial yarn, which is a beautiful sea green.  Where is the enormous pile of leftovers I had?  Have I been slacking?  What's wrong with me?  All I want is worsted or sport-weight machine-washable leftovers, did some cat eat them when I wasn't looking?  You'd think I would have noticed the results.  I know I didn't throw anything away.

Do you have any leftover sock yarn you're not using?  I can give it a good home!

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