Called an electrician out when half the kitchen (including the fridge) lost power.  We tried the obvious fix of turning off the power, turning it back on and flipping the offending breaker, and it didn't work because the breaker was dead.  According to the electrician, there are people who won't even go near their fuse box and even try to fix it.  True it looks like a rats nest inside and there are "Danger, electric shock warning" stickers, but how hard can it be when there's a big switch labelled Off, and one breaker showing bright orange where all the rest show black?

Massive thanks to Patrick and Jodi for the house warming gift: a Reader's Digest "House maintenance for dummies" type book.

Can't fit the bed base upstairs, and we need to do stuff to the dryer so it vents out the side, but we're getting there.  Complete bedroom rearrangement last night.

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