Home again

We're back from Las Vegas!

We had a great time, walked our feet off up and down the Strip, went to a buffet at the Bellagio, two awesome Cirque du Soleil shows (O at the Bellagio and Ka at the MGM Grand), and saw Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian.  We were sat right under the chandelier, when it dropped we felt the air move and I really thought it was going to land on us.  Found out I'm not allergic to nail polish like I thought, and I'm wearing a nice pinkish orange shiny colour that is totally distracting.  I haven't had painted nails in over a decade.

We both really needed the holiday, and life goes on:

  • I'm preparing for my karate blue belt test at the end of the month, which will involve 6 kata, 20 techniques, and a sparring match with my instructor.  We haven't sparred since I hurt my knee.
  • Ste Genevieve's Jour de Fete is this weekend, come and try the pork burgers!
  • It's time to get a small chest freezer for the basement, we have grass-fed beef coming soon.
  • The closet in the craft room has been measured for shelves, which would double the usable space for yarn and fibre stash.

I knit a half repeat on my Campanula scarf while I was away, and nothing more.  One cat is delighted to have us back home, the other is more wary.

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