High tech stresses

Interesting story in the BBC News today about computer stresses 'Keep cool' over computer hassles.  A couple of highlights from the article:

Computer users need to stem the stress their machines cause them before it damages health, according to a survey.  Nine out of 10 are regularly annoyed by slow, crashing machines, while time wasted fixing problems makes it worse, say security experts Symantec.  Information overload is the top irritant, and a quarter say computers are just not worth the hassle.
More than a third of men and women will resort to extreme behaviour when confronted with computer frustration, such as violence, swearing, shouting and desperately slamming random buttons.  Encouragingly, 40% will try to find a practical solution to fix niggles, including asking someone else to help.
A recent Health and Safety Executive (HSE) survey of 700 managers said £1.24 billion a year was lost because of stress-related sickness and lost productivity.

The top five irritants are:

  1. Slow performance and system crashes
  2. Spam, scams, and too much e-mail
  3. Pop-up ads
  4. Viruses
  5. Lost or deleted files

Three of those I have tools or software to fix.  Norton Anti Virus guards my laptop and McAfee scans most of my email before I ever download it thank to Postini, who also weed out a good deal of spam.  The rest of the spam is caught by Mailwasher.  To eliminate pop-ups, I use the Mozilla browser.  I would be using Firebird, but it takes  exception to the Get Fuzzy page and refuses to display the cartoon, and crashes a lot.  It only happens on my laptop, so I guess it's just a bizarre quirk of my system, like it refusing to go to the Java site.  For the rest, I have only three words: backup, CD backup, and backup.  Anyone know how Mac OS X is for system crashes and slow running?

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