Hi, who are you?

Bizarre.  I walked into my kitchen and said to the chap pouring a soda, "Hi, I'd introduce you to my friend, but I have no idea who you are."  The men's group is on downstairs, Jess is experimenting with the three nozzle, two tap and detachable shower head in the bathroom (next best thing to a corner bath/jacuzzi), cats are nowhere to be seen, and there's Australian trance playing on Sonique (probably the prettiest MP3 player around if you find a nice skin for it).

Started reading Annie Dillard at the airport, definitely not the place for it.  I think she's more a quiet afternoon writer.  I've wanted to read some of her stuff since Wayne quoted it at church.  Read partway through her essay "Total Eclipse." Descriptions of colours were interesting, I'd love to see a total eclipse.  Can't imaging the sun being shut off like that.

There are so many stars, so many galaxies, wandering planets, comets, what are they all there for?

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