Haiku III

Working on the socks
promised for Sehlat's birthday,
knitting down the bones. (*)

(* Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg is one of the first books on writing I picked up five years ago, and I still go back to it.  I think I'd prefer my novels with a bit more structure than she writes, but it's a great book for journalling.)

Spent most of last night knitting Sehlat's second sock while Hubby was out.  They're two weeks late so far.  I'm past the heel, and onto the foot part.  Sehlat has very little feet, so it shouldn't take much longer to finish.  The Star Toe looks quite nifty.  I'm writing up this pattern when they're done.  The socks will come with me this weekend to the church women's retreat in middle-of-nowhere IL, where there is zero cell phone signal and a lot of quiet.  There will be some meditative knitting time on Saturday afternoon, probably by the lake.  I'd like to climb a tree and knit up there, but I have visions of dropping the ball or a squirrel stealing it and wrapping the whole tree in yarn.  Maybe I'd better stick to the gazebo.

The Wednesday haiku round up:

Go give Hubby some sympathy, he's come down sick just as I'm jetting off for the weekend, stealing his V6 automatic SUV, and leaving him with my manual transmission oldie-but-goodie Ford workhorse.

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