Or: Gateway Region Of Wordwarrior


St  Louis is in a Regional word war with  W.H.A.T. (the Warmongering Hoosier Attack Team from Indianapolis)  and D.A.N.G (Dayton Area NaNo Group from Ohio), so we needed a threatening acronym too.   One of our guys gate-crashed the Indianapolis write-in on Saturday and hardly anyone  was there, so much for the competition!  Had our last write-in on Sunday afternoon at  the Bread Co on Delmar.  No-one from Indy turned up, but we had at least twelve writers  beavering away.

My novel hit 47040 words on  Sunday and the story is starting to wrap up.  I have another two chapters to go, which  is roughly 8k, and then I'll be done. I may not be finished with the story on November  30th, but I'll definitely hit the 50k mark.  I'm using the NaNoWriMo  Progress Report Hubby wrote to keep me on track.   Two days this month I've written  nothing, but I'm still going to make it.

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