Glory departed

A verdict of accidental death was pronounced today, following an inquiry into events of yesterday afternoon.  Glory, a purple betta fish, had been promoted to department mascot after only a week with the company, but was reportedly unhappy with his duties.  He had been suffering severe depression after leaving his former home at Wal-Mart.  Glory resided on Ms A's desk in a tall vase.

Late yesterday afternoon, while Ms A was cleaning his vase, Glory was temporarily placed in a plastic cup.  The inquiry noted that the cup did not have a lid, but has cleared Ms A of negligence in the death of her fish.  At some time between 3:00pm and 3:30pm, Glory allegedly jumped out of the cup and landed on the carpeting roughly four feet below.

The inquiry believes that the fish survived the drop, and was still alive when Ms J entered the scene.  Ms J noticed Glory was missing from the vase, and Ms A directed her attention to the cup.  Ms J did not see Glory in the cup, and as she left Ms A's cubicle, she stepped on the expiring fish with a black platform sandal.  Ms J slipped out of the sandal and proceeded to her own cube, but immediately returned saying "I'm so sorry!"

Glory was pronounced dead, to the shock of the entire department.  Glory's replacement, a lilac betta named Tye, has remained at the bottom of the vase for most of the day.  Ms J has not been charged, and the death was ruled an accident following an attempted suicide.

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