Geek code

Kate Pickering wrote a Knitters geek code for the new edition of Knitty.  This is mine:

KER Exp++ SPM+ Steel Wood++ Bam+> Syn Cot++ Wool++ Stash+ Scale+> Fin Ent?> Flat++ Circ++ DPN++ Swatch KIP++ !EZ Blog++ SNB EZ? GaugeF+S++DK++ FO++ WIP+

Which means:

KER = Knitter, English method, Rightie

Exp++ = I've been knitting for more than a decade and feel confident that I can figure out whatever I need to.

SPM+ = I mostly get gifts done in time.

Steel = I use steel needles

Wood++ = really like wood needles

Bam+> = wannabee bamboo needle user

Syn+ = use synthetics

Cot++ = like cotton

Wool++ = like wool

Stash+ = When I spy a terrific yarn bargain, I'm not about to pass it up, so I've got a bit of a stash. I sort through it regularly, and when I start a new project, it's usually out of my stash yarn.

Scale+> = (wannabee) Thanks to my day job, I mostly concentrate on small projects, but I manage to fit in a sweater a year.

Fin = I hate this part (finishing), but you have to do it. I always try to keep it simple, and I weave in ends or sew seams as I go so it isn't so bad at the end.

Ent?> = not tried entrelac, but would like to

Flat++ = Flat knitting [you do seams]

Circ++ = Circular knitting [you avoid seams]

DPN++ = Double-pointed needles [4 or 5]

Swatch = I embrace the swatch

KIP++ = I knit in public

Blog++ = Of course I have a weblog

SNB = I've read Stitch n Bitch

EZ? = Who is Elizabeth Zimmermann?

GaugeF+S++DK++ = I use fingering, sport, double knitting weight yarn

FO++ = Multiple finished objects

WIP+ = No more than four projects currently in progress

For comparison, this is my standard geek code: (decode it here, just paste in the whole thing)


Version: 3.1

GS d- s-: a? C++ U-- P L- !E W++ N- !o K? w+ !O M>+ !V PS- PE- Y+ PGP t+ 5++ X !R tv b++++ DI++++ D G e++ h--- r+++ x?


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