Gearing up for NaNoWriMo

I'm a little distracted right now and it won't go away till December. I'm going to be writing a novel, gearing up for Christmas, taking my purple belt test, and doing a bunch of work on the house.  And doing a full time job too.  And sleep, can't forget sleep.

The St Louis region of NaNoWriMo is getting together for a pre-planning afternoon to hammer out plots, meet new people, and get re-acquainted with the crazies we'll be spending November with:

Saturday 10th October

Crooked Tree Coffee Shop in St Charles (map)

2pm till whenever

I have a great start and middle for my plot, but I'm floundering with the ending, and still trying to pull out a decent theme.  I have plenty of interesting characters to play with and a fantastic crisis (for me, not for them, it's going to stink to be them next month).

While NaNo people still have time to read, here are some good books and resources for the month ahead.  There are thousands of books about writing fiction, these are my favourites:

And a bunch of useful links:

Only 24 days to go...

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