Gainful Employment

My ideal job:

It would be a Java programming job, with some web development involved.  I would be a junior member of a team, with several people I could ask for help.  I really don't care any more what kind of company I work for, only that it does something you could happily talk about during a family dinner, in front of five year old children.

So how on earth do you find that job in St Louis?  My previous job hunting experience went as far as walking into the Reed temp agency in Guildford and describing what I wanted to do.  After a two week placement at an insurance company in Dorking, I got exactly what I wanted, a temporary tech support job.  That was the only place I where I resigned at the interview.  I gave them about three months notice that I was leaving the country.

When I was unemployable, there were tech jobs everywhere.  Now that I can be legally employed, there's either an "economic downturn" going on, or a full blown recession.  Which means no jobs.  Not fair.

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