Free Association

Unconscious Mutterings game of free association.

  1. Exchange:: currency, UK pounds to US dollars, £1 equals about $1.65.
  2. Parental Advisory:: Guns N Roses as the voicemail "on hold" music.
  3. Blowout:: tyre, Firestone, Ford Exploder.
  4. Spider:: brown

recluse spider, rumours of houses infested with them.

  1. Happy:: time off work, Christmas day with friends, baking scones, giving presents.
  1. Intense:: in tents, float trip this summer, four capsizes, multiple bruises, a great time had by all.
  2. Corrupt:: Mafia, extortion, computer memory.
  3. Got:: Got Milk?
  4. Crude:: oil, Texas, San Antonio, Phantom of the Opera.
  5. Three:: trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Looking for the brown recluse spider link, I found the Hellbender, a big salamander that appears in Missouri, and the Mudpuppy, another American salamander.  Love those names!

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