Four days of La Tour de Fleece

My goal for La Tour De Fleece is to spin a little every day, and I'm counting fibre preparation as spinning time.  It's been fun cruising the participant list to see who's doing what.   I'm going to save up my rest days for later in the month.

Weeded out the fibre stash that I don't like, there's 4oz Blue Sky Cotton for sale or trade, any takers?

Saturday 5th July

Flick carded some Polwarth locks and managed to do it without drawing blood, I'm counting that a big success after last time.  Found a bunch of second cuts in the locks but the remainder seems like a solid block of fleece.  Packed some Wensleydale in the spindle box, the fibre feels dense and a bit hairy.  Included a tulipwood wrist distaff from Greensleeves Spindles to marshall the fibre when I'm spinning, and because the wood is so pretty.

Sunday 6th July

A little spindle spinning before church, the Wensleydale from Copper Moose is very nice, drafts easily and I have a thin single.  Took the spindle to post-NaNo writing group and spun there ("it's really not difficult" "no, that looks hard to me").  Wrist distaff didn't work as well as I'd hoped with undrafted fibre.

Spindle and distaff.

Monday 7th July

Wheel spinning some white Cormo, brought the wheel downstairs and watched Stargate SG-1 on DVD.  Also spun some more of the Wensleydale on my spindle, the texture is interesting.

Tuesday 8th July

Planned to use the wheel, but the spindle got me again.  Love the Wensleydale!

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