Forward planning

I'll be out of town for a week next month getting training in Memphis TN.  Away from Hubby, away from home, away from the stash, away from the books, away from the spinning wheel, and with my boss.  I'll be in a hotel room with a TV and internet, and I'll definitely take my Mac laptop with me.  But what projects?

There will be a sock in progress with me.  Not the current pair, probably not next pair (Lime and Violet Mermaid for a friend), but the pair afterwards.  Juno Regina will also be with me.  Knitty Couture had some lace weight 100% soy yarn (Conjoined Creations Pastimes Too) in shades of light blue, and a 10% sale for Valentine's Day.  Not my first lace project, but my first lace project with lace weight yarn.

Travelling projects.

I could take my second best spindle, the Kundert, and a merino, silk, and angora batt.  It's only an ounce or two, but it could make a nice fingering weight two ply yarn.  That spindle might also go on a trip to MOPACA at the end of March.  I might be going there to help man a booth while people are showing an alpaca.

There's a story to write for the post-NaNo group involving a priceless broken violin.  I have a bare outline of the nefarious scheme leading to the poor instrument's demise, and the people responsible.


Yes, I know the fibre is pink.  I didn't think it was THAT pink when I bought it.  There's a layer of yellow over the pink I'm hoping will soften it down to mere poke-you-in-the-eyes orange.  Failing that, tough guys and gals wear pink, right?  Right.

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