FO: Spiraluscious #2

Finished the hem at knitting morning, grafted it closed at home while the courgette and parmesan bread was on the first rise.

2009-09 Spiraluscious #2



by Anne Hanson

Yarn: Woolen Rabbit Opulence in Burning Embers

Needles: US3 circular and dpns

Duration: 13 September to 19 September 2009

Made from the leftovers of my first Spiraluscious, now lost in the ether between houses.  The original did not mysteriously reappear when I finished grafting the edging, but I expect it to show up.  This is perfect for the gap between coat and neck on cold days when you don't want a full scarf but you need something.

Now back to the Flutter scarf, unless I get distracted again.

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