FO: Slouch hat

This hat consumed one of the three skeins of Cascade 220 leftover from my Eris cardigan (Eris is now blocked and awaiting zipper installation).

Slouch hat

Pattern: Slöfock hat by knitspot
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needles: US5 and US8
Duration: 20th January to January

The pattern is quick and simple, the thermal ribbing pattern looks good and the switch to a larger needle gives the crown of the hat a more fluid feel.  I managed to cast on 10 less stitches than I needed for the medium size, but I think it works OK, and it'll stretch.

This is my second completed stash-busting project for 2012.  I have 45 different yarns in the stash, including 8 handspun skeins, my goal is to get the total down to 30 total, and use some of the handspun.  Next up is a Windschief hat in fluffy 3 strand Morehouse Merino yarn.  If you haven't tried Morehouse Merino, it's well worth it, there's a little vegetable matter in the wool but the undyed skeins are like knitting clouds.  I haven't tried the dyed stuff or the sport weight yet but I expect it to be just as awesome.

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