FO: Midnight Slouching hat

It's not often I make two of the same thing so close together.  This hat has squishy earflaps because of the 1x1 cabling, which is quite tedious to do.  I really should learn to do those without a cable needle.  Perhaps on hat #3.

Midnight Slouching hat

Pattern: Ekaterin Slouch Hat by Running Jack Knits
Yarn: String Theory Merino DK in Viola
Needles: US6 (ChiaGoo circular)
Duration: 17th September to 25th September

Love this yarn, the feel and especially the colour.  It looks like it was dyed blue then overdyed in dark purple.  I made this hat a little more slouchy than the last, went up a needle size, and eliminated the ring of cables above the earflaps.

Any future circular needle purchases will be the ChiaGoo range, the red cabled cord was great to work with, and the steel needles felt nicer than my usual Addi circulars.

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