FO: Martha's Orchard socks

If they were purple, they'd be Martha's Vineyard socks, but she prefers red.  Got this yarn on my birthday excursion to The Loopy Ewe.

Martha's Orchard socks.

Yarn: Apple Laine in Red Delicious

Pattern: Mine (2x2 rib and braided cable, Sherman toe and heel, picot cast-off)

Gauge: 9st/in

Needles: Size 1 Addi circular

Duration: 12th March to 1 May 2007

These are socks for size 12 feet with an 8 inch cuff, and I still had yarn leftover.  Not much, but enough for a slot in the leftovers blanket.  On the first sock I alternated between knitting faster to finish before the yarn ran out, slowing right down to conserve yarn, and lucid moments of realising both plans were silly.  Martha's never had hand knit socks before.

Apple Laine is wonderful yarn.  Shiny, a bit fuzzy, bright colours, and kitten-soft.  The thickness wasn't totally consistent, there were a few slubs and thinner parts, but barely noticeable when knitted up.  It withstood being ripped out at least twice.  Slightly splitty if you're not paying attention and going too fast, but there are only two plies to mess with.  Definitely one to get again.  190 yds per 50g skein.

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