Spinning FO: Mandy Merino

Mandy Merino skein.

4oz hand-dyed merino from Spunky Eclectic in Mandy

324 yds, wheel-spun 2 ply, mostly sportweight.

This is the most yardage I've got out of a 4oz lump of fibre.  I'm aiming for sock weight next, which would be 400 yds from the same amount.  With this skein I learned how much a small tension adjustment on the wheel helps get thinner singles that don't snap all the time, and that pre-drafting is my friend.  Also learned that a cat will sit right outside the spinning room and wail when it's not allowed in. Mailed this skein to my Handspun secret pal this week.

Next up is some superwash merino from Crown Mountain Farms, all orange and maroon.  I have 8oz to play with, which should produce enough for something useful eventually.  I'm not a fast spinner.

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