FO: Maizy Monkey socks

Finished the Maizy Monkey socks last week:

Maizy Monkey socks.

Pattern: My own (picot hem, half-linen stitch heel flap, panels of Monkey lace, ribbing at the sides)

Yarn: Crystal Palace Maizy in Stormy Purple from Chris Needlecraft

Duration: 28th April to 21 May 2008

Wore these on Thursday, they stretched out once they were on my foot, and didn't really stretch back.  They don't fall down though.  Between the lace and the ribbing they stayed up nicely.  This is the first pair of picot hemmed top-down socks I've done for myself, the other two were given away.  Maizy is a splitty yarn but the end result is soft and sturdy, I'd use it again.  They felt totally unlike wool or cotton, my feet didn't overheat despite the baseboard heater under my desk.  The feel is like dry velvet, it's hard to describe.

Put them through the usual machine wash, dry on the back of a chair, routine my other socks go through.  Happily they did not turn into popcorn, despite being 82% corn fibre.  They came out of the wash almost dry and a little stiff, and dried a lot faster than the wool pair I washed at the same time.

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