FO: Lumiére Midi scarf

Completed an all-handspun project, with added crochet!

Scarf with crochet trim.

Pattern: Lumiére Midi scarf

Yarn: My handspun Navajo-plied Polwarth yarn, 126 yds, with handspun 2-ply merino/bamboo yarn for the crochet edging

Needles: US5 dpns, 3.25mm crochet hook

Duration: 31 July to 15 August 2009

Ruth was kind enough to hold my hand at knitting morning while I blundered through my third crochet test piece, and got it almost right.  It was close enough that I tried the real thing that evening and I'm really pleased with the result!  Planning to use the rest of the pink mini skein to make a single crochet square.  Hopefully it will actually BE square this time.

Reacquainted myself with the horror of blocking, the scarf  overflowed my blocking towel and used a box and a half of pins.  Seriously considering a set of blocking wires, or hunting down some TIG welding rods.  Pinned it out at 3.5 inches wide and about 51 inches long.

The Polwarth yarn bloomed when it hit the water, it is slightly fuzzy on the blocking towel and it looks good.  Really want to finish a true 3-ply yarn now, I have some Targhee set aside for that project.  Also working on making my own spinner's lap cloth.

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