FO: Kumite Mouth Guard bag

When you're sparring in the karate studio, you wear protective gear: foam padded "boots", shin guards, gloves, helmet, and a mouth guard.  My mouth guard lived in a plastic case clipped on to my gear bag, until the mouth guard fell out and vanished.  I got another mouth guard, and it also vanished.  Found them both in my car, cleaned them off, and now I have two mouth guards, and a case I don't trust.  Hence this:

Kumite Mouth Guard bag.

Pattern: My own design
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy
Needles: US1.5 (2mm)
Duration: 31st January to 1 February
Ravelry project: Kumite Mouth Guard bag

It's a simple drawstring bag with deliberate holes at the bottom and a cord made from doubled sock yarn.  It's a bright enough colour it will show up in my black mesh gear bag, and I know the mouth guard cannot escape from it without some nifty knot-untying skills, and since the mouth guard has no hands and no teeth, I'm pretty sure it'll stay in there.

Hempathy is an odd yarn.  It's more of a fingering weight than sport weight and the two plies aren't tightly twisted.  It feels hard and unyielding.  I used far smaller needles for this bag than the ball band recommended and I'm planning on tossing it in the washing machine to see what happens to the fabric.

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