FO: Flutter Scarf mkII

It still needs blocking, but the Flutter scarf is done:

Flutter Scarf.

Pattern: Flutter by Mimknits
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Silky Alpaca Lace
Needles: US3 (my Blackthorn needles)
Duration: 21 July to 1st September

This is my second Flutter scarf, and this time I did it right.  I put in four rows of stocking stitch after the provisional cast-on and before starting the pattern.  When I came back for those stitches to start the second half, I was surprised how little those four rows showed.  If you know what you're looking for you can see it, there's a hitch sideways in the spine stitches and one pattern diamond is a little thick in the middle, but it's subtle and I think blocking will hide it even more.

Flutter Scarf.

Got the yarn when Leah came up to visit from San Antonio because I love the acid apple green colour.  I took her to the Weaving Department in Hazelwood, my favourite yarn store.  It occupies the upper floor of an 1880s house, the stairs creak when you go up them and it's a little stuffy in the summer heat, but I love the place.  I learned to spin there and I've been in and out for years.

The only bad part of this scarf is the grinding tedium of doing 50 repeats of a four-row lace pattern before you get to the fun part.  Once those repeats are done, the final two charts go quickly, even if you do more than triple the number of working stitches to make it ruffle.  The drug dealer's scale said I had enough yarn to make the second side with over 3g to spare, but I put in a lifeline at 47 repeats just in case.

I suffered several lace-wrecks in this project, the worst being where the stitches slipped off the needles and all sorts of badness happened.  I lost half of chart #3, all of chart #2 and a half-repeat of chart #1 before everything got sorted out.  Thank goodness for all-purl rest rows!

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