Spinning FO: En Avril Merino/Silk

This is the first skein completed on my Majacraft wheel:

330 yds of 2 ply 65/35 merino silk, light sport weight

En Avril roving from The Sanguine Gryphon

Spun and plied on Majacraft Rose wheel

25th December 2008 to 19 February 2009

En Avril skein.

It's not entirely even because I was rushing at the end, but it's a keeper.  The colour bled out some in the wash, and I found some unexpected purple patches while I was spinning.  I could actually make socks with this amount, which is a shock.  That was my original goal when I started spinning: handspun sock yarn.

The new wheel is a joy to spin on, and plying is a breeze because I have five ratios to play with instead of three on the Louet, plus another five on the high speed whorl.  Set it on the fastest ratio just to see, and the flyer was humming around too fast to see.  Very tempting to touch it at that speed but I'd lose a finger, and I need all ten.

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