Spinning FO: Undyed Baby Camel

Finished this during the week:

Camel yarn, 3 ply.

Baby camel down from The Fold,

57 yds, 1 oz,

Navajo plied on wheel, spindle spun, light sport weight yarn.

This is my first attempt at Navajo plying, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  My technique needs a lot of practice but there are patches where the plying looks great.  I expected the bumps in the chain to be a lot more visible, I can't even find them.  This is destined to be either a hair band or a cloth for cleaning my glasses.  I love the look of a three-ply yarn and I can't wait to knit with this.

The ball of roving in the picture is 4oz of undyed Jacob fleece, which will also be Navajo plied, I don't want to lose the chocolate and vanilla look.  The fleece still smells sheepy, I got it at MD Sheep and Wool from Tannery Spring, who were set up with the Jacob Association and a pair of cute Jacob sheep.  It's not as soft as some wools, but it could make a good hat.

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