First Frost

Scraped ice off my car this morning, and there was a snow flurry over the weekend.  It must be winter.  This happens every year, and it's always a surprise.  Got a new pair of leather gloves at the weekend, dug my roll-brim Rowan Coccoon hat out of the drawer, and I'm ready.

Nine days working on my novel so far, and I'm one day ahead of my self-imposed 2k a day schedule.  Broke the 20k barrier last night after pounding out about 1300 words at the Central Bread Co write in.  Mike is pushing me to do a 60k novel this year, but he's already written 75k.  The Regional word wars are going well, Indy and Manchester are making us work to catch up.

I got my friend and co-worker into geocaching.  I got him into NaNoWriMo, this is his third year.  I have my first karate lesson next Monday and he swears he's not going to pick that one up.

Started the heel flap of the Viking socks at knitting morning on Saturday.  Flap and gusset heels are not my specialty, I'm determined to keep doing them until I feel good about the technique.  Need to learn darning, there's a hole in the foot of one Boudica sock, which is one of my favourite pairs.

Susan opened a spinning shop!  I saw some of her hand-dyed fibre at the Weaving Department spin in and it was beautiful.  Can't wait to vist!

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